Cambridgeshire Masonic Benevolent Association     Relief Chest No. E0109

With the most successful conclusion of the Provincial Festival 2012 in support of the  Freemasons' Grand Charity, The Province of Cambridgeshire Masonic Benevolent Associations' continues in its objective to raise funds for and to promote and support  the Central Masonic Charities and such other Charities, determined by and on behalf of our Provincial Grand Lodge. 

We encourage donations to pass into the Provincial Relief Chest (E0109) to facilitate and enhance the value of your 'Giving' in the most simplistic and cost effective method.

All donations will be credited to the Cambridgeshire Masonic Benevolent Associations  Relief Chest No E0109 and reported anonymised to show only names of Brethren donating and cumulative totals for each Lodges' "Masters List"  and these details are regularly communicated to your Lodges' Charity Steward.

If you require further information, please contact either your Lodge Charity Steward or the Provincial Grand Charity Steward for Cambridgeshire (

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