The Provincial Grand Master announced at PGL on 24th May an appeal to support the purchase of an Affymetrix Microarray Scanner to enable early testing regarding prostate cancer; these tests will be completed in Norwich.

The “Tiger Test” is ground breaking in the way prostate cancer is diagnosed and could mean that perhaps 90% of men who are detected with prostate cancer may not have to suffer the side effects of having investigative tests and/or surgery and therefore leading to a much better quality of life. As we all know this could affect any of our lodge members including you, members of your family or friends.

There is no target for this appeal; however the cost of this scanner is £144,000 so we need to do all we can. This sounds a huge amount but broken down is approximately £45.00 per member which is only £1.00 per week or £4.00 a month for ten months, less than a pint of beer in some pubs.

As the fund-raising period will last for 10 months it does appear much more manageable. I really hope together we can make a significant contribution to this appeal.  We have set up a new Relief Chest to handle all payments and take full advantage of Gift Aid where appropriate. The chest number is E0173. We are also able to receive donations direct from Lodge/Chapter funds that are NOT gift aided.

If there are any issues, questions or concerns please contact Russell Carter.

Post: 47 St Giles Street, Norwich, Norfolk NR2 1JR  Telephone 01603 219436

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