The London 10K  

Five runners from each of the five Middlesex Masonic Centres will be taking part in this iconic race.  Please support your Centre runner. Every penny you donate will be divided equally between


 (2020 Festival donations will be credited to your Lodge/Chapter 2020 honorific purposes)


 The charity transform lives through sport,

  • Improves lives by organising many vents which introduce disabled children to the benefits of sport
  • Provides information on the benefits of sport and active lifestyle to patients rehabilitaion following a spinal injury
  • Provides coaching and the best facilities for disabled athletes
  • Organises events for disables patients in rehab which will improve their day to day quality of life
  • Support British wheelchair teams home and abroad
  • Acts as the primary source of information on the benefits of the wheelchair sport  


Participating in sport can totally transfrom the lives of the disabled children and adults. Through sport many people whose lives have been traumatically changed can have an outlet for their frustation and energy.

 By focussing on something they can do, and potentially excel in, increased confidence and a positive outlook can be achieved, and this can have a dramatically positive influence on other areas of life.

Any queries please contact Paul Sully.

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