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Did you know that the Wirral Women's and Children's neonatal unit located in Arrowe Park Hospital is one of only two level 3 neonatal intensive care units in Cheshire and Merseyside. It is the only the only level 3 unit in the region to also care for sick mothers and children.

So what does this actually mean? It means that we are one of the highest level neonatal units who are qualified to provide specialised care for extremely sick or premature babies from around 24 weeks of pregnancy and we are on your doorstep.  Babies born as early as 23 weeks have been able to survive thanks to the outstanding care provided by our team.

IncuBabies is the name of our new charity which has been set up to fundraise for a new extension of our intensive care unit.  Our current unit now cares for babies from a much wider area than ever before, therefore the demand of our services is increasing and we need your help to meet this demand by extending our unit to make fully compliant with national standards for space.

We at the neonatal unit take pride in the vital care and support we offer babies and their families at this very difficult time. Our aim is that we will always be there if you ever need us and for that reason donations have never been more important.

As Incubabies is a new charity, Radio City’s Cash for Kids are supporting us in building the right platforms to get our fundraising off to a good start. From all the team at the Neonatal unit and Incubabies, we thank you for all of your support.  

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