Provincial Priors Challenge 2018




The Masonic Order of Knights Templar within the Province of Staffordshire and Shropshire ( will be completing a 96 mile walk in just two days to raise funds to send two of the top Cadets from the St John Ambulance from Staffordshire & Shropshire to the St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital ( in May 2018 to experience first-hand the amazing work undertaken at both the hospital, and the surrounding hinterland with their out-reach programme.

In 2014 the Knights Templar raised sufficient money to ensure two of the top Cadets from the Staffordshire and Shropshire regions of the St John Ambulance made the same trip. They did this by cycling the Coast2Coast using St John Ambulance mountain bikes. Those two Cadets are now part of the senior service of St John Ambulance having benefitted from that amazing experience.

This Walking Challenge will take place in April 2018. The Knights will be walking over a selected route that starts in Iron Bridge and ends in Burton-on-Trent taking in a combination of the Shropshire Way, Millennium Way and the Staffordshire Way. The aim is to complete the walk in just two days.

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All proceeds will go towards to the fund to send the Cadets to the Eye Hospital.

Training has already started and the team of 21 Knights from across the Province are looking forward to the Challenge of walking for at least 15 hours each day to ensure the route is completed on time.

To show your support, please use this page to assist that team in raising funds to reach their target of £8,000

We will keep the page updated and look forward to thanking you all for your generous support.

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