Men In Pants!

Every year 240 men are diagnosed with Testicular Cancer in the South West of England, that is one guy every 2 days!

It's in the Bag provides information packs for them all and each pack costs £10, that is around £3,000 per year!

We are asking you to donate just £3 to help us provide this service for the next 12 months. During Testicular Cancer Awareness month, we would like you to support our Men In Pants Appeal.

Wear your pants

Check in your pants

Donate the price of your pants 

£3 will help us to ensure this essential service continues.

All you have to do is give up one coffee or beer and donate it to It’s in the Bag.

Men In Pants – provide Support Awareness Survival  

It's in the Bag

We provide hands-on support for men with testicular cancer (germ cell) in the South-West, as well as raising awareness of the disease across the region and beyond.

It’s in the Bag is run by a group of survivors with support from specialist NHS staff. We have three simple aims:

Being diagnosed with testicular cancer and going through treatment is a huge challenge – physically, mentally and emotionally. We provide a range of activities and initiatives to help men through this tough time.

We teach men the importance of checking their balls regularly and taking any issues straight to their GP. Spreading this knowledge promotes earlier diagnosis, which often means simpler, more effective treatment and better chances of a cure.

With UK cure rates for testicular cancer running above 98%, we focus on survival – helping guys tackle the emotional and practical impact of cancer, both during treatment and into their lives after.

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