Can you help fund St John’s Hospice this Christmas?

For the last 32 years the doors to St John’s Hospice have never closed – day or night, and for us Christmas is no different. We are asking if you can support our work with a donation this December towards 10 of our every day running costs over Christmas.

Although there is rarely a typical day for the team of St John’s Hospice we do know that our costs are about £12,000 per day. On different days over December we will be sharing 10 costs with you to explain how some of this money is spent as well as introducing you to some of the team who deliver different types of care, every day, including days over Christmas.

You can find out more and keep up to date by visiting this page, which we will update regularly, by follow St John’s Hospice on social media such as Facebook and Twitter and reading your local newspaper.

If you can support us with a donation you will be contributing towards the running of a number of our services such as the:

  •  In-patient ward at St John’s Hospice who provide relief from symptoms and end of life care
  • Day Hospice which supports patients and families with a wide range of life shortening conditions

  • Hospice at Home team who visit patients in their own homes to give end of life care

  • Clinical Nurse Specialists who work in the community offering help with symptom and pain management

  • Other essential services and staff that are often “behind the scenes” yet we couldn’t do without

A message from Sue McGraw, Chief Executive

“I love our hospice and I know the community does too. I’m also incredibly proud of our staff: their dedication and professionalism. We feel that Christmas is a great time to share what they do, day in day out, to treat and support people who are going through a difficult time – and to ask if people can help us raise funds so they can continue providing this care and support over the festive season.”

St John’s Hospice was built for the people, by the people. Thank you for all your support – we wouldn’t be here without you.

St John’s Hospice wishes you and your loved ones a very Happy Christmas.

Did you know that?


  • Around 30% of our funding comes from the NHS, and for the remaining 70% we rely on our amazing local community and fundraising efforts

  • Our costs would be even higher if wasn’t for all the hard work of our volunteers!




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