Your Ships Need YOU!

Tenacious and Lord Nelson are in a race to get ship shape for their next voyages. Will you help them with their preparations?

Our adventures at sea help everyone on board discover new horizons. You soon learn that through working together, obstacles are overcome and barriers are broken down. Whilst we explore incredible seascapes that you could never access on land, it's extremely important that our ships' safety equipment is professionally maintained to the highest standards.

Tenacious will be undergoing maintenance this July, which is an ideal chance to ensure the on-board safety equipment is in tip-top condition. For example, this will include a full inspection and service of our life rafts. However, they are all very expensive procedures. A gift from you today will help ensure this equipment is properly maintained to keep our crews safe at sea.

Whether you are team Lord Nelson or team Tenacious, your donations can help us to continue to break down barriers of social exclusion and change lives through these inclusive adventure at sea.

Don’t forget to check out our Facebook page for #TalkTuesday our new dedicated day to celebrating the personal experiences of our voyage crew!   

Jubilee Sailing Trust

The Jubilee Sailing Trust has been changing lives since 1978. In that year it became a registered charity through the extraordinary vision of a dedicated group of people working against the odds to make their dream a reality. Back then the idea of integrating physically disabled with non-disabled people on a tall ship was a unique concept, and yet the JST still remains to this day the only organisation of its kind in the world.

The JST is a world leader in social inclusion, bringing together people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to sail as a unified crew on-board two purpose built tall ships – Lord Nelson and Tenacious.

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