"I wish every blind veteran could get the support Don's had.

Please will you help them with a gift?"


“I’m incredibly proud of Don for the way he defended our country. He always spoke about his days in the Army with enormous pride. As a soldier he’d been so fit and capable but losing his sight destroyed his confidence. It was all so sudden and such a terrible blow. His zest for life just slipped away.

There was no one to tell us how he could cope without his sight. The hospital gave Don excellent medical care but that’s where it stopped. Then about a year later a friend mentioned Blind Veterans UK and it changed our whole world.

To say it simply, they gave me my husband back. 

At their centre in Sheffield Don had one-to-one training for a whole week – it was so wonderful to watch him come back to life a little more each day. He learned all sorts of practical things, like how to use a special mat in the kitchen to cut food more safely. They also gave him a very specific type of magnifier and taught him to tilt his head so he could read out of the side of one eye. It meant so much to him to have other blind veterans around him and to know he wasn’t dealing with blindness alone.

I was able to stay with him too and they included sessions for carers, which was a real blessing. When the week was over, they gave us a tailor made starter kit with all kinds of vital equipment Don could carry on using at home. 

Don is a changed man. The help and support he’s had from the incredible staff at Blind Veterans UK has truly turned his life around. I feel a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders. The charity has promised they will stand by Don for the rest of his life and help him with whatever he needs to cope with his sight loss.

My worry now is for other desperate blind veterans out there who haven’t had the life-changing help the charity can give them. Make a donation today so another soldier who has lost his sight can get the support he needs. 

Blind Veterans 1Click here to read my husband's story - so you can see for yourself what a life-changing difference your gift can make."

Blind Veterans UK

No one who has served their country should have to battle blindness alone.

We help blind ex-Service men and women lead independent and fulfilling lives by supporting them with our expertise, experience and full range of services.

We give veterans much-needed support to adjust to sight loss, overcome the challenges of blindness and enjoy daily life. Our charity has been offering physical and emotional support to vision impaired members of our military since 1915.
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