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Inn Churches provides shelter and practical support to people who are homeless or vulnerably housed. It has grown from a month-long pilot to a thriving community project, with more than 850 volunteers from 70 churches and the wider community in Bradford. We have provided over 5,000 beds for homeless and vulnerable people in the Bradford area since we started.

We also now work to tackle food poverty through intercepting, storing and distributing surplus food, and turn food waste into healthy and delicious meals.

Our work has been done on a fantastically small budget and we estimate that it has cost approximately £15 per person per night to provide a bed, breakfast and a good meal in a warm caring environment.

However, with every success, our ambition and hope for the change that is possible grows a little further as we seek to make a significant and permanent impact on the problem of homelessness in our city.

Inn Churches

Inn Churches provides practical support to those who need it most across Bradford. We work with over 100 other community groups and organisations, and have more than 850 volunteers from 70 churches and the wider community in Bradford.

Our work comprises our original Winter Shelter and Welfare Support, and our Food Hub and Cooking Hub.

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