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The Jubilee Sailing Trust have partnered with Really Wild Challenges to bring you the very BEST in adventure. It is important to us that we found a partner who shares our ethos and understands the importance of social inclusion. We promote Diversity, Inclusion and Intergration giving people opportunities they may never have had or may not have thought they had in that sense we change lives. We have been changing lives for over thirty years, taking more than 45,000 people on their very own adventure across the high seas but now its time to tackle the land. 

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Jubilee Sailing Trust

The Jubilee Sailing Trust has been changing lives since 1978. In that year it became a registered charity through the extraordinary vision of a dedicated group of people working against the odds to make their dream a reality. Back then the idea of integrating physically disabled with non-disabled people on a tall ship was a unique concept, and yet the JST still remains to this day the only organisation of its kind in the world.

The JST is a world leader in social inclusion, bringing together people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to sail as a unified crew on-board two purpose built tall ships – Lord Nelson and Tenacious.

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Our tall ships the LORD NELSON and TENACIOUS benefit both able-bodied and disabled people. Any help you are able to give will enable us to continue to make a difference, not just on our ships but in the homes, workplaces and communities of all our voyage crew.

Jubilee Sailing trust Registered charity number 277810

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