At Nightingale House Hospice, we know that dealing with a loss can be very difficult, particularly on an anniversary, at Christmas and on other landmark occasions. Everybody finds their own way, and everyone will know what is best for them. 

Usually, family members and friends of the deceased want to do something positive and lasting in celebration of their loved one’s life. 

The Nightingale House Hospice Forget-me-not Tribute Fund is a very special way to honour the life of a loved one and help Nightingale House Hospice continue to care for others in need of care and support. 

Setting up a Forget Me Not Tribute Fund could not be easier. The Fund will be named after your loved one; and family, friends and colleagues will then be able to donate to the Fund in any way they choose. Whilst a family member might recognize an anniversary or birthday with a donation in lieu of a gift they would have bought, a colleague of the loved one may run a marathon in their memory.

Once your Tribute Fund is set up, we will take care of all the paperwork and send you monthly updates on the total. Simply click 'create my tribute' opposite and follow the guidelines. 

Nightingale House Hospice

Based in Wrexham, Nightingale House provides specialist palliative care, completely free of charge, to people in local communities.

Services include a 12-bed Inpatient unit, day care unit, complementary therapies, physiotherapy, hydrotherapy pool, occupational therapy, outpatient clinic, bereavement services and art therapy.

This year it will cost over £3 million to run our hospice. Only a small percentage of this comes from the Local Health Board, we therefore greatly rely on the generosity of the communities we serve to raise the additional funding.

Your support really does count and will make a difference to our patients and their families.

When your Tribute Fund reaches £1500, we will send you a special dedicated rose bush, named 'Precious Memories',  in a gift box for you to plant in an area of your choice. 

When your Tribute Fund reaches £5000, the Hospice will engrave 2 special pebbles with your loved one's name on them. One will be sent to you, and the other placed in the Hospice's dedicated pebble pond, situated at the front of the Hospice that you can visit.

When your Tribute Fund reaches £10,000, a tree will be planted in memory of your loved one in the Forget Me Not tribute forest in Alyn Waters Country Park. The tree will be part of an eco-friendly garden designed to educate children, and can be one of five types of tree. An official planting ceremony can be arranged and please let us know if you would like this option. 

If your Tribute Fund exceeds £20,000, the Hospice will have a star named after your loved one, and will send you an astronomical chart containing full details of the star and where it is in the solar system. This is a permanent tribute to your loved one and can be kept forever.

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