Frequently Asked Questions


Who can take part?

Any male individual over the age of 17, but you must ensure you can physically take on this challenge. Unfortunately we do not have the facilities in place to take women who are able to travel with a mahram.

How fit do I need to be?

As a guide you will have to reach a good level of fitness. It is essential that you physically train for this event to avoid putting your body under too much strain. Please see the training guide for a full breakdown on how you should train for this ride. There will be organised training rides which you may attend.

I don’t intend to train much, can I still come?

No. There have been instances previously where some riders didn’t train much for the ride, as such they struggled badly during the first 30 miles. The group was held up for hours just so the rider could catch up. This isn’t fair on the rest of the group and I reiterate the importance of training consistently leading up to the ride.

If you haven’t trained sufficiently you will not enjoy the journey.

Will I have to carry my main luggage during the ride?

No. The support vehicle will transport your main luggage from one accommodation to the next. However, please ensure you have a rucksack with you to carry the essentials you require during the ride.  Please ensure your luggage is locked. We cannot be held responsible for any lost or stolen luggage. Maximum weight of luggage 15kg.

What if I get ill or injured during the ride?

If you fall seriously ill or suffer a critical injury, we will transport you to the nearest hospital. However, you will bear the cost of any hospital treatment. If your injury or illness doesn’t require a visit to the hospital, we will transport you to the accommodation or travel in the support vehicle until the ride of the day is complete.

Will it not be difficult having so many people riding at once?

We will split the group based on fitness levels. All participants will rendezvous for evening meals at the hotels.

Will I be able to have a laugh?

Of course you can. We want you to have fun but you must understand there will be brothers from all different backgrounds and no doubts not everyone may understand your humour. The ride will get difficult and we may become hungry and agitated but we must have the patience and forbearance to behave as best we can according to the Sunnah.


If you have any further questions or need advice please email us at or call us on 020 7650 8922 and we would be more than happy to help.

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