A fashion fast to oppose fast fashion

Sign up to our Six Items Challenge and explore what fast fashion means to you.

The idea is simple. Select six items of clothing from your wardrobe and pledge to wear only these items every day for six weeks.  

We all have a wardrobe full of clothes that we rarely wear and yet we all make a beeline for the sales – but have you ever wondered why you need to have the latest clothing trends?

With the Six Items Challenge we are asking you to embark on a fashion ‘fast’ – you will choose six main items of clothing from your wardrobe and then only wear those six items for 40 days.

Could you stick to the fashion fast and raise money for garment workers’ rights?

£3, not much is it? It can be the price of a cheap t-shirt in some of the UK’s leading high street stores. But this amount is double what many workers can earn in a day making clothes for the UK market.

The reality is that UK brands want more and more from their suppliers while giving less and less. Long hours, daily overtime, poverty wages and unstable job contracts all hamper basic needs such as buying food, healthcare, education and accommodation. 

This is the norm for garment workers across the globe.

At Labour Behind the Label we don’t advocate boycotting brands as this often has a negative impact on workers, but we do want fashion and consumption to slow down so that pressure is taken off of workers to produce more. The pressure on workers and the constant precariousness of jobs and wage levels needs to be addressed and by slowing the industry down and working with brands, we anitciapte this will happen.

And you can help us!    

By exploring this issue through the Six Items Challenge and fundraising for Labour Behind the Label Trust, you can play a vital part in contributing to the work we do in supporting real people in their struggle for better rights and working conditions.  

Labour Behind the Label Trust

Labour Behind the Label is a not-for-profit workers' cooperative that supports garment workers’ efforts worldwide to improve their working conditions, and we are a registered company in England no. 04173634.

The Labour Behind the Label Trust is a separate organisation that raises funds for Labour Behind the Label's charitable activities. The Trust is independent of Labour Behind the Label, but the two organisations work together closely.

Donations on this page will be made to the Labour Behind the Label Trust, registered charity number 1159356.

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