Do you know how many steps our doctors and nurses take each day in order to care for patients at Sobell House? A massive 140,000 steps! That's around 5,000 steps per doctor, and a whopping 14,000 steps per nurse.

We're asking you to step up for Sobell in support of our staff - will you follow in their footsteps?

Whether you challenge yourself to complete 14,000 steps in a week, or 5,000 steps each day, you can choose your own challenge and support your local Hospice.

Create your very own page today, set yourself a target, and step up for Sobell!

Sobell House Hospice Charity

Sobell House offers physical, psychological, social and spiritual care to those facing life threatening illness, death and bereavement. The focus is on quality of life, respecting the uniqueness of each person, and respect for the dignity of all users of the service.

5 heroes fundraising today.

Sobell House is jointly funded by the NHS and Sobell House Hospice Charity. This means that around 30p of every £1 spent on care is funded by donations and fundraising.  Due to the Covid-19 crisis, we have seen our fundraising income drop dramatically overnight at a time when our service is in more demand than ever before.  Help us to be there for people who need us.  

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