Children of our Ummah are still being bombed in Syria.

No doubt, you are aware of atrocities that are happening in Syria. The constant bombardment, chemical attacks and shooting has taken the lives of thousands.

In Syria, many injured victims either pass away or deteriorate rapidly before they can receive any medical attention at hospitals and medical centres.

Since the start of the conflict, we have sent over 30 ambulances into Syria. In the last year alone, our ambulances helped save over 800 lives!

“And whoever saves one - it is as if he had saved mankind entirely” [The Noble Qur’an 5:32]

Many of our ambulances as well as our staff have been targeted and destroyed... our brave staff do not shy away from danger, they compete with each other to respond as soon as possible during the airstrikes. We need your help to provide Syria with more ambulances and maintain this vital lifeline.

There have been at least 382 attacks on medical facilities since the conflict began and the vast majority have been carried out by Syria’s government, according to Physicians for Human Rights. (Physicians of Human Rights 2016)

The Unity Convoy

A coalition of charities have come together to send ambulances into Syria.

The Unity Convoys is a display of the best of humanity – we aim to send 100 ambulances from around the world.

The Unity Convoy believes this to be a strong message to the Syrian civilians, doctors and humanitarians that they are not forgotten, they are seen, they are heard and people do care.

The ambulance convoy is set to travel from the UK in to Europe for Bulgaria where, at the border the ambulances will be handed over to the Syrian partners of the project, taking the ambulances into Turkey, and then into Syria.


Convoy Date: 30th April 2017

Convoy Journey: England - Bulgaria

Fundraising Target: £5,000

Administration Target: £2,000


Fundraising Deadline: 15th March 2017

If you would like to take part please click the "Register Now" button and get started


Give Syria hope. Help us help them.

Human Aid UK

Human Aid UK is an international humanitarian charity which strives to alleviate the suffering of the oppressed.

Our vision: Bringing hope to life

Our mission: Connecting hearts to the oppressed; as a result of man made disasters; by providing dignity, empowerment and independence. This is by growing initiatives which provides real benefits.
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