Saturday 27th May 2017

The event began back in 2013 as a way of celebrating what would have been Jimmy’s 21st birthday. We invited hundreds of our supporters to join us walking 21 of London’s bridges from Richmond to Tower Bridge and the event has grown year-on-year ever since. Alongside raising awareness across the city, the money raised has been vital in helping us build Safe Havens with young people in their communities. 

Walking For Jimmy is your chance to join our growing community of supporters. Along with exploring London on three different routes that span the length of the river Thames from Richmond to Tower Bridge; our walkers will share Jimmy’s story and spread our message of peace across the capital.

Now in its fifth year, we have three routes to choose from all ending at Tower Bridge. They are seven bridges starting at Southbank Centre, fourteen bridges walking from Putney Bridge and the full 21 bridges from Richmond to Tower Bridge. 

For Jimmy

For Jimmy was established by the Mizen family after the 2008 murder of 16-year-old Jimmy Mizen in Lewisham, London. Our vision is to make Lewisham a place of peace and safety; we will achieve this by continuing to share Jimmy’s story and helping young people to fulfil their potential and build the types of communities we all want to live in across Lewisham.

Our work building Safe Havens supports pupils that have been identified as socially and academically at-risk. This engages young people within their community to improve their skills and capabilities, so they can lead in building safer and peaceful communities.

"I first walked 21 Bridges last year and enjoyed it immensely. The opportunity to share Jimmy’s story was the reason I wanted to walk. It’s a powerful story that needs to be spread far and wide."

Nicole Kitchener, 2016

"I really support and respect everything Jimmy's family has done to make something good come out of his death. I'd only heard about the walk this year or I'd have done it before!"

Rosie O'Gorman, 2016

"It's a huge achievement and I think it's a nice thing for everyone to experience together. It's accentuating community and everyone coming together and doing something which they'd probably never do on their own or even in a small group."

Charlie Summers, 2016

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